Also Conjured

Like all good hobbies, creating excellent beer is all about playing around with recipes and tinkering with ingredients to see just how far the craft can be taken. Also like all good hobbies, this one has gotten out of hand and has resulted in the grand Brewery you see before you.

Over the years, we’ve created some interesting beers that, although beautiful, did not make it into regular rotation. Some of them became one off experiments, like the Vienna Rye Pale Ale, whilst others are a little too big and bad to go near too often, like the mighty Imperial Red IPA. Though some of these may never be seen again, we felt that they deserved recognition on our website so that all of history can witness their pedigree. Or something… Mostly it’s a means of showing off what goodies we’ve made.

Anyway, here’s our ‘Also Conjured’ brews, enjoy!

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belgiandubbel-201x300 imperialredipa-201x300