The Irregulars

zuur-201x300 Zuur
Belgian Sour
ABV 3.5%
wheatwave-201x300 Wheatwave
Blonde Wheat Beer
ABV 4.8%
Our very popular sour beer. We alternate the recipe on every batch with seasonal fruits and American hops. This most recent batch has Mosaic hops which gives a creamy tropical flavour. Very refreshing and tart! Wheatwave is a Hefeweizen brewed in the style of a cloudy German Wheat beer. The yeast strain embodies this smooth beer with banana, clove and earthy notes. The finish is delightfully clean and crisp and so refreshing you’ll soon forget the heat and lose yourself in our Wheatwave.
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farmhouse-201x300 Farmhouse
Belgian Saison
ABV 5.0%
cambrianroot-201x300 Cambrian Root
Salted Liquorice Stout
ABV 5.1%
This blonde saison is full of gentle earthy and spicy flavours from the Belgian yeast strains. We gently dry-hop it to give a fresh citrus edge to the finish. This dark beer begins with smooth waves of chocolate and gently roasted coffee beans before a sudden and explosive burst of rich liquorice blasts all over sensation away. This beer is a colossal journey.
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metropolis-201x300 Metropolis
India Black Ale
ABV 6.0%
saigon-201x300 Saigon
Chinook IPA
ABV 7.1%
This is a near black beer that’s been infused with loads of big American hops. The aroma is one of an IPA and the initial flavours are similar. The end, however, brings in slight chocolate flavours that dwell within the darkness of this grand beer. This is truly special.

Our monument to Chinook; our respect for this giant hop. We’ve amped our Pale recipe to render a beer bursting with juicy grapefruit and mandarin that ends in a mighty blast of bitterness. This is everything we love about Chinook. This is Saigon.

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necropolis-201x300 Necropolis
Imperial Black IPA
ABV 8.1%
blackoktober-201x300 Black Oktober
Imperial Russian Stout
ABV 9.0%

This dark beer takes everything pure in Metropolis and corrupts it. A giant malt bill renders a thick and viscous fluid where hops were laid to rest. The result is a colossal experience where an impressive mouthfeel meets bittered chocolate and a raging tropical hop explosion. The Necropolis demands your respect.

This dark beer is a complex and thick wash of deep flavours. Roasted espresso, dark chocolate, thick molasses, treacle, wood . An unholy bitterness remains long after drinking. This beer is to be taken very seriously.

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bourbonoktober-201x300 Bourbon Oktober
Imperial Russian Stout
ABV 9.0%
reggaeoktober-201x300 Reggae Oktober
Imperial Russian Stout
ABV 9.0%

Our Imperial Russian Stout, Black Oktober, has been gloriously aged for six months in fresh Bourbon barrels. The barrel aging gives the beer a spicy, vanilla character and a pleasant, warming finish.

Big, bold and unforgettable.

This time, we sank Black Oktober into oak Caribbean Rum barrels. Months of ageing have imbued this thick, dark beer with all the spiced syrupy flavours of the West Indies. The result is our most decadent beer yet!

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umbralabyss-201x300 Umbral Abyss
Imperial Coffee Stout
ABV 11.5%

Deep, dark, eternal. The Umbral Abyss devours all that pierce its watery veil. Eons of crushed debris give testament to the nightmare.

Emerging from the darkest ancestry of Black Oktober, the Abyss rages with oak, brandy and coffee. This giant edifice is a true imperial stout.


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