Vibrant Expansion - Week 1 progress

It is the end of week 1 and most of the of the work has been to fix the waterproofing sheets on to the walls in unit 6 which is the production area. This is one of the priority jobs because our drains and lovely new flooring cannot be installed until the wall protection is complete.

When I say lovely new flooring I am talking about a Kemtile floor! We are investing significantly by opting for what many breweries have told me is one of the best hygienic floors available right now. I have heard far too many horror stories of cheaper resin floors that have not lasted and having to later lay a new floor in a busy production environment is something I would rather avoid at all costs! More on the floor in the coming weeks though…..

Work also started on building the offices and toilets in the taproom.

Next week works begins on our two mezzanine floors and hopefully our electrician turns up as well

Not much else to report this week and seeing it is after 5pm on a Friday it is clearly time for a beer. Cheers all and drink good beer!

Kevin Robinson