Another week has simply flown by and we are another step closer to completing the necessary works at our new brewery site. This week has seen the offices and toilets in the new taproom nearing completion and the building of our new lab/office in the packaging room has begun. The electricians have been busy with a whole bunch of wiring but there is plenty more to do as we need to provide “juice” to our new chiller which arrives next week. We also need to feed our brewery equipment. We have 4 electricity meters (1 per unit) so fortunately we have enough power requirements. We all love vast electricity bills, right?!

While the building work was going on I have spent a fair bit of time planning our new taproom with the help of Brian, our current taproom manager, and our graphic designer, Will. We spent Thursday morning discussing how the new taproom should look and what sort of bar set up we want. We cannot hope to open our new taproom with all ideas nails but instead it will be an evolutionary approach. Yesterday I was firmly strapped to a scissor lift painting the walls of our taproom! 9 hours later the room is looking a lot better.

Hopefully we will have some concepts to share with you shortly but in the meantime we will continue to develop our new community space in the background. At some point we will be closing our current taproom and concentrating 100% on our new one to give it the love it needs. More news on this soon. Oh, in case you did not know we have created a Facebook page for our taproom and this will be best place to follow all these developments and not duplicate them here


The sales team office and my office are nearing completion


Our new bar may occupy this spot


You missed a bit mate


After a hard day of painting I clearly deserved the first beer in our future taproom!

This coming weeks plans:

  • Work starts on the brewery flooring

  • New chiller arrives. It is a bit of a beast!

  • Fire alarms in all 4 units are installed

  • Further work on the offices, toilets and lab

  • Loads of odd and ends

That’s it for this week folks and thanks as always for reading and see you shortly…


Kevin Robinson

Founder, Vibrant Forest Brewery.