Wow, 6 weeks have completely flown by! Overall, it has been 6 weeks which has pretty much gone to plan. Sorry for the slightly late post this week. Visiting one of our best customers at their fruit beer festival in Italy kind of took priority!

The only issue so far has seen a delay in the building of our new brewery floor. Various drainage steel parts failed to arrive from Germany in time meaning the completion of our new floor will now be about 2 weeks late. Fortunately, this is not a major issue because subsequent work that relies on the floor being complete is a little flexible on the start date. This work is mainly the installation of our new cooling pipework for our vessels, various electrical bits and the all important brewery control panels. We can also take delivery of our 2 new fermenters and hot liquor tank then put them in place once the floor is complete.


Stainless steel channel and gully are installed

We now have fast broadband (it could not be much slower at our site in Lymington!) in our new offices both unit 3 and unit 5 and telephone handsets should be installed within the next week or so. Shortly I need to source some new office furniture and we should be ready to go

The electricians still have various bits to do such as running power to our new chiller as well as our brew kit.

So when do we actually start brewing at this new site? We do have an exact plan for that and this plan means as little down time from brewing as possible so we do not run out of lovely beer. Possibly no down time at all if everything goes as hoped. When all our fermentation tanks are full of beer at Lymington we can move our brew kit (mash tun, copper and hot liquor tank) and get these connected up to our new cooling pipework. When the brewery floor is complete (no more than 2 weeks from now hopefully) we can take delivery of our 2 x new 6000L fermenters and we can brew in to these to start with. We also have a new and rather large hot liquor tank arriving at the same time. There is a lot of work (and cost) to get the brew kit up and running so this will be a very challenging step in the weeks to come. I am hoping we can start moving our brew kit around the middle of May and then work hard with the engineers to get everything up and running. This move should be very “interesting” and more on this much later.

I think this covers most things for this week and hopefully next week we should start to see real good progress with the brewery floor. Have a good week


Kevin Robinson

Founder, Vibrant Forest Brewery

Kevin Robinson