Just a quick post this week as there is not too much to report....things are still going well but we did have a very slight scare with our water pressure……

This week there has been progress with the offices and toilets in unit 3 (new taproom space) and we now have LED lighting in 3 of our 4 units. Yep, proper modern and energy efficient lighting!


Unit 4 will be for the storage of all packaged beer (2 x cold rooms) and the mezzanine floor will allow us to maximise this space (we have up to 7M of height in each unit). The lads have started insulating the underside of mezzanine floor so we don't need to worry about this when we install the 2 cold rooms at some point in the future. Fire proofing the mezzanines is also fully under way. At some point soon we need to look at the fire alarm requirements in each unit. Definitely one of the many unexpected costs I am discovering!


Work on the brewery drainage in unit 6 was meant to start tomorrow but unfortunately it has been delayed by about 10 days due to the supply of parts. Fortunately, this has no big impact as the other works can continue as normal. We had an issue with the water pressure in unit 6 (the brewery, panic panic and panic!!) but fortunately after some investigation by our plumbers a stop cock 6 foot in the ground was not fully open. Phew! Problem solved.


It is business as usual still in Lymington and this week saw the launch of Metamorph - a pale ale brewed in collaboration with The Butchers Hook for their 5th birthday. We are super pleased how this turned out and it has been getting some great reviews.


That is it for now.. I hope you have a great week and feel free to add any comments below.

Cheers all

Kevin Robinson

Founder, Vibrant Forest Brewery Ltd