What’s on earth is going on? What is this Taproom nonsense?!!

Vibrant Forest Brewery is on the move. That means there will be a brand new taproom for you to be able to get hold of our wonderful beers and drink them as fresh as is possible in our new place or take them away and enjoy at home. There will be far far more room compared to what we have now in Lymington.

Why bother with the move? This sounds like major hassle and expense to me!

We simply cannot brew enough of our beers at our current site in Lymington and have room to store them at the existing brewery to keep up with demand. We have nowhere near enough room. It is not possible to expand at the current site so a new place was sought, for some time, then a wonderful location was found. The hassle will be worth it, yeah :-)

Where is it? Tell me!

The new brewery and taproom is in Hardley Industrial Estate, south of Southampton, very close to the Totton to Fawley main road (A326). It is bounded by the New Forest National Park on its south-eastern border just a few miles south of Hythe. If you like walking/cycling and beer then you will hopefully be pleased to know the brewery backs on to the open New Forest.


How do I get there?

Car: The taproom is about 12 minutes drive from Totton (7 miles) which is easily accessible from the M3, M27 and M271.

Bus: There is a very regular bus service (Bluestar *9 every 20 minutes) from the railway stations at Southampton Central (40 minutes) and Totton (30 minutes) which runs until late evening. Then it is just a few minute’s walk from the Hardley Roundabout bus stop. This service can also be connected to via the Hythe Ferry that sails from Southampton Town Quay and also runs well into the evening. The bus from Hythe only takes 5 minutes or you can take your bike on the ferry and then cycle less than 3 miles to the taproom in about 12-15 minutes, depending on how thirsty you are. Our new location is literally about 100 metres from the New Forest boundary and there are plenty of off-road cycling options as well. More detailed information on transport options will be published soon. If you live in the area then you could have skipped this bit I guess

We are currently planning our new taproom right now and 
shall have more news shortly. It will probably be a little bit good. We hope so anyway.



Bluestar bus:…

Hythe Ferry: