Happy Easter Sunday to you all! After last weeks excitement of taking delivery of our new brewing vessels the past week has been a wee bit tame in comparison. Electrical work is nearing completion and we have been continuing to plan our new taproom space. We have had plenty of curious folk pop in and ask when the taproom is opening as well as buying a few take out cans. Thanks to all you good and curious folk! It is very much appreciated. I have been thrilled with the support we have received from the Waterside community so far and I am confident our taproom will be a success and give many people something so different from what is available right now in the area.

This week we announced on social media that our new taproom will be opening for business on Saturday 1 June so we must get a move on and start building our new bar. The current plan is to take our existing bar from Lymington and modify this for the better to fit our new taproom. This will happen after next weeks birthday bash and then our Lymington taproom will wind down and finally close on 18 May for good. It has to close at some point and this date has been decided, giving us a couple weeks to get ready for the opening of our shiny new taproom.



So, yes, our birthday bash! Saturday 27 April will see our last ever event at our site in Lymington so it would be great if you can make it along. It sounds like we will be busy! Keep an eye on social media for the amazing beer list to be announced shortly.

In terms of developments at our new site, it is mainly the progress on the taproom that will be reported in the coming weeks. I would say the next big milestone will be the moving of our brewing vessels from Lymington to Hardley and this is planned to start on 18 May. It has been planned so there is no down time of brewing but this is very much dependent on the schedule of the various tradesman. The cooling pipe work in the brewery has not progressed this week but there is no immediate rush for this. We plan to start brewing at the end of May so we have plenty of time still


There is not too much else to say this week except things are still going really smoothly and I am personally enjoying the warm weather even if I am inside at our new offices in Hardley typing this post! But hey, I am done now!

Cheers all

Kevin Robinson,

Founder, Vibrant Forest Brewery

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